Disharmony – [RE]SISTERS: Stories of Rebel Girls, Revolution, Empowerment and Escape

Featuring a diverse range of characters, genres, styles and subject matters, the eighteen stories in (RE)Sisters include; a dystopian world where skin colour is changed by a sinister procedure; a spelling bee that stings like a wasp; a girl kept captive by a man with no heart; an indefinite hospital quarantine; a runaway best friend; a lost habit of checking shoes for scorpions; an abandoned bathtub; a stolen hot air balloon, and much, much more besides.

Compiled following a global call for submissions, (RE)Sisters explores today’s teenage girls’ fears, frustrations, strength, stories, potential, and power. A fierce, fearless and topical tribute to girls’ rebellion and resistance, (RE)Sisters is defiant, distinctive and unapologetic. Just like its heroines.

(RE)Sisters features stories from: Zoe Apostolides, Tanvi Berwah, Elizabeth Byrne, Liz Flanagan, Katie M. Flynn, Erin Darby Gesell, Jessica Glaisher, Valerie Hunter, Evangeline Jennings, Couri Johnson, Angela Kanter, Ioanna Mavrou, Lucy Middlemass, Emily Paull, Eliana Ramage, Anna Scott, Kaye Spivey and Alaina Symanovich.

Paperback from For Books’ Sake • Out of print

In “Disharmony,” Tanvi Berwah depicts a world where people with dark skin are isolated from society until they have a dangerous operation to lighten their skin. The narrator has lived her life in isolation, waiting for her operation and the so-called “freedom through blue eyes” she is promised, when her dark-skinned infant niece is put into her care. Her love for her niece inspires her to call into question the racial order she’s taken as fact and internalized. Again, the love between women inspires strength, bravery and resistance.


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